Diego Latorre

Diego Latorre is a Colombian guitarist with over 20 years of experience. He has a master's degree in Musical Arts from the Academia Superior de Artes de Bogotá (Bogotá Superior College of the Arts), and has been a guitar and ensemble teacher for over 8 years at EMMAT school of music, a member of the Berklee International Network. He has performed and toured with many different artists such as AC/DC's original singer, Dave Evans, as well as a number of modern guitar virtuosos such as Andy Wood, Travis Bowman, Christie Leneé and Russian prodigy Alexandr Misko. He plays with the Bogotá-based rock band "La Tosca", for which he is the guitarist, co-lead singer, main composer and musical director, and he also works as a touring/session musician for Colombian Grammy artist Manuel Medrano. Diego's guitar work is featured on Medrano's Warner Music self-titled debut album, and his energy and charisma on stage have also proven to be a valuable asset for the artist on many of his tours nationwide and in several countries in Latin America. His versatile playing style involves several influences such as Latin American traditional music and Jazz, but he mainly considers himself a blues/rock guitarist, with a wide range of dynamics, aggressive bending and vibrato, a soulful melodic phrasing and a really loud picking technique. He also endorses the Brazilian guitar brand Tagima, and was invited by them as an artist and product specialist to the 2020 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, California, performing music from his first solo effort entitled "Multilingual Censorship"

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