Duncan Andrews

Session Guitarist

Duncan Andrews is a session guitarist and content creator from the United Kingdom. He has shared the stage alongside artists such as Mackenzie, WREN, AMELI, and many more, showcasing his skills not only as a guitarist but also serving as a Music Director for multiple projects. Beyond his live performances, Duncan is frequently found in the studio, where he records original music and produces demonstration videos for notable brands like HeadRush and BFD, among others.

Renowned for his attention to detail, Duncan is often seen carefully crafting tonal packs tailored for each artist's studio sessions and live performances. He emphasises, "As a guitarist myself, I believe that crafting the 'perfect' tone not only inspires new players but also ensures that the guitar seamlessly integrates into the mix, whether it's a recording session or live performance.

Free Expansions:

Crafting Adam Jones’ iconic guitar tone was a major task and not one that should be taken lightly. The process involved a whole lot of gear and a whole lot of skill, with one definitely easier to achieve than the other. Fortunately, with the use of the HeadRush Revalver 5, I could seamlessly split my guitar signal into two channels, embracing the dual amp setup synonymous with Adam Jones. Channel A featured a Marshall-inspired amplifier, while Channel B delivered the rich Diezel tones, resulting in a thick, textured sound capable of filling stadiums. Im excited to be able to make available to you my Revalver Preset Pack and BFD Player Midi Packs.
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