Kenan Salazar


“I play many different styles of music from jazz to metal, so I needed something that could handle that versatility, and HeadRush fits the bill 100%! It’s worth more than it’s priced which makes it an instant centerpiece in my rig.”

Kenan Salazar, founder of progressive metal band, earth7, prioritizes versatility as a musician and his playing style definitely shows it. Outside of earth7, he’s also a member of British pop punk artist Bronnie’s U.S. touring band, as well as soul and R&B artist Scarlet Cimillo’s backing band which frequently performs around Philadelphia. He started his musical path at 8 years old when his school put a violin in his hands. He then taught himself to play the piano, bass, and drums, but found a passion for guitar when he began playing blues, rock, and eventually jazz. With the knowledge of these instruments, he applies them to his compositions for earth7. He still plays the violin, and has performed in the All-City Orchestra every year as well as playing guitar in the All-City Jazz Band throughout high school. He now plays jazz guitar in small groups and big bands regularly. With a growing presence in the local music scene, Kenan was featured in a news story on Fox 29 when he was 16. As his musical palette expands, he desires to perform varying styles showcasing his versatility, which is why HeadRush Pedalboard is the ultimate companion for his music.

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