Sam Kirsch


"I was never a big pedal and effect guy, but the moment that I plugged the Headrush in, I realized that I had no idea what I had been missing. The user interface is intuitive, the tones are subtle and varied, and the 4-cable method makes live applications incredible. Its durable construction and attention to simplicity will be sure to make this a reliable piece of equipment for the upcoming years."

Sam Kirsch is an American extreme metal guitarist occupying stage-right for East Coast death-metallers Abnormality. After joining the band in 2014, he first appeared on their previous record, Mechanisms of Omniscience, released through Metal Blade Records in the spring of 2016. He has toured the US several times since then, developed a taste for it, and is looking to extend that energy onwards this upcoming year. Prior to shredding for Abnormality, Sam played for Boston-based death-grind, Forced Asphyxiation, as well as writing, recording, and producing a solo project, Ages in Oblivion. He has been playing guitar for 25 years, is mostly self-taught, and believes that its riffs that matter most. Currently, he is working on the newest Abnormality record, due out later in 2018.

How Do You HeadRush? - Featuring Sam Kirsch of Abnormality

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