Artist - Seb Braganza

Seb Braganza

Headrush is very authentic when you are a versatile guitar player. The gig board is very handy when it comes to traveling as well as the pedalboard. The pedalboard is what you need if you like any kind of effects and the best thing about headrush is the versatility towards the pedals you don’t have to go somewhere to get a new pedal you can just dial the effects distortion you want and there you go you have your own tone that sounds great.

Seb “Seb Shredder” Braganza is an 12 year old guitar kid from Philadelphia. He began playing at just 7 years old, when his father bought him a small Fender Squire from a local pawnshop. Seb was featured in a 2018 commercial for the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles. He played blues, rock and metal and his biggest break when he played with Kenny Olson of Kidrock last summer Namm 2019 in Nashville. He also played at The legendary Whisky a Go Go opening for GUS G. Now he is currently active in his Ozzy/Sabbath tribute band called "Sebbath" and also his own Instrumental project called SEB. Headrush will continue to enhance his talent and guitar skills.

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