HeadRush Looperboard - Frequently Asked Questions

The HeadRush Looperboard is the most powerful and intuitive looper pedal on the planet. With 4-inputs and 4-outputs, quad-core DSP, over eight hours of recording time, a 7-inch touchscreen display, and so much more, the Looperboard takes the art of live-looping to the next level. In this article, we'll cover the most popular questions about the features and functionality of the HeadRush Looperboard.

mac OS Mojave 10.14 Support for HeadRush Products

As Apple unveils its newest operating system, it's time to decide if your system is ready for an update. To help you stay updated, we've tested our products with the latest pre-release versions of macOS Mojave 10.14 prior to the release.

Headrush FRFR-112 - Frequently Asked Questions

The HeadRush FRFR-112 is a 2000-watt full-range, flat-response powered cabinet that perfectly complements your HeadRush Pedalboard (or any other multi-FX/amp modeler) to give you a realistic "amp-in-the-room" sound. You can also connect your HeadRush Pedalboard to 2 FRFR-112s in stereo to really make an impression! This article will answer popular questions about the features and functionality of the HeadRush FRFR-112.

mac OS High Sierra 10.13 Support for HeadRush

Whenever a new operating system is released, it is crucial to check the compatibility of your hardware and software before choosing to make the jump. Updates can quickly change how your system interacts with hardware, drivers, and software, potentially breaking existing compatibility. It's important to us that you have up to date information on product compatibility with the most recent operating system changes, so your work can go uninterrupted.

HeadRush Pedalboard - Frequently Asked Questions

The HeadRush Pedalboard is an all-in-one amp and effects modeller featuring a finely-tuned quad-core processor and powered by its exclusive Eleven HD Expanded DSP software. The HeadRush Pedalboard delivers the most versatile, realistic-sounding and responsive amplifier, cabinet, microphone, and FX models ever found in a floorboard guitar FX processor. In this guide, we'll discuss some common questions about the features and functionality.

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