HeadRush Looperboard®

The world's first floorboard looper with 7" touch display and powerful quad-core processor.

HeadRush Looperboard®

Featuring a well-refined smart user interface with huge 7” display provides all of the dynamic feedback you need to stay focused on building your loops. You can touch, swipe and drag-and-drop to customize the HeadRush Looperboard to your personal workflow.

Looperboard Features

  • 7" high-resolution multi-touch display
  • Over 9 hours of internal recording time
  • Record up to 4 tracks, 2 stereo or 4 mono looper tracks
  • Click track and smart quantization features
  • Tap tempo with intelligent time-stretch
  • Premium built-in FX for guitars, vocals, percussion and more
  • (4) Mono Combo XLR + ¼" Inputs with switchable phantom power
  • (4) Mono Assignable XLR, ¼" outputs, and headphone outputs
  • MIDI In and Out for receiving MIDI clock and external MIDI control
  • (2) USB-A and (1) SD storage inputs for loop storage and audio import
  • Built-in USB audio interface; includes Pro Tools | First: HeadRush Edition
  • Over 300 built-in drum and percussion loops for getting started

Meet the Looperboard

Unprecedented Looping

The HeadRush Looperboard can record and playback over nine hours of audio at full quality to its internal storage, and you can also export your loops for later use by using the SD and USB storage inputs. It also features 5 loop modes that cover Fixed, Sync, Serial, Serial/Sync and Free. With all of this you have every looping mode created plus more!

For the road and the studio

Superior recording, routing and loop control

The Headrush Looperboard is housed in a durable road-ready steel chassis with a cable route built into the bottom to help keep your stage tidy. The HeadRush Looperboard features premium audio circuitry and operates at a class-leading 32-bit floating 48kHz audio quality, so you can be sure that you'll be capturing every nuance of your performance. The intuitive audio routing setup page enables you to quickly route any of the four inputs, four looper tracks, backing track or click track to any of the four outputs and/or headphones output, giving you the ultimate flexibility to optimize your sound at any performance situation. The 12 built-in footswitches enable you to quickly create and transform your loops and they feature individual RGB LEDs that dynamically update to provide useful feedback. You can record, overdub, play, undo/redo, reverse, transpose, bounce, and peel individual layers off in the reverse order they were added, fade, and clear your individual looper tracks all on-the-fly. You can also reverse, fade, multiply or divide length, and multiply or divide playback speed instantly for your whole loop at once.

All the connections you need

The HeadRush Looperboard complements your existing rig with all the connections you need to handle any performance situation. Featuring combo XLR and ¼-inch inputs with switchable phantom power, assignable XLR and ¼-inch, 5-Pin MIDI in/out, USB and SD storage inputs, plus a built-in USB audio interface, the HeadRush Looperboard will enhance your current setup and transform your creativity while leaving you with the flexibility to manage your sound during any performance.

AUX input
4x XLR Combo inputs for guitars, basses, keyboards or even DJ equipment. +48V phantom power switchable for using condenser mics etc.
A 1/8" auxiliary jack input for connecting devices such as MP3 players or smartphones.
A 1/4" headphone jack for private rehearsal etc., 2x 1/4" TRS outs to connect to an amp, audio interface or mixer. There are also 2x balanced XLR outputs for FOH, powered speaker or mixer.
MIDI IN and OUT/THRU for time sync and external control from other MIDI devices.
2x USB type A ports allow the Looperboard to import/export loops, backing tracks or audio clips to USB flash drives. A USB type B port enables the Looperboard to act as a 2-in/2-out audio interface, transfer loops, backing tracks or audio clips to your computer, or to apply firmware updates.
On/off switch to power the Looperboard.

Media Gallery

The HeadRush Looperboard® is the world's first floorboard looper with 7" touch display and powerful quad-core processor.

Looperboard Tutorials

The five tutorials in this playlist show you the basics of how to get around and make use of the amazing features you'll discover with the Headrush Looperboard.

In this series:
Looperboard Overview
Menus and Looper Modes
Audio Routing and Loop Settings
Creating FX
Basic Looping

Introducing HeadRush Looperboard | Live Performance

A live performance recorded and filmed in one take at The Sprinkler Factory Worcester, MA.

Introducing HeadRush Looperboard | Featuring Albino Mbie (Golden Smile)

HeadRush returns to the ultra-colorful Sprinkler Factory with the amazing singer-songwriter Albino Mbie. Albino is an award winning Musician and Berklee grad from Maputo Mozambique, a country in southern Africa known for its rich musical and cultural heritage. In this video he creates his song "Golden Smile" on the HeadRush Looperboard using layered vocal harmonies, catchy and simple guitar parts and the amazing positive energy he is known for.

How Do You HeadRush?

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Hear from the likes of Tracii Guns, Sam Kirsch and Rob Gueringer, plus other artists including Gabriel Guardian, Zakk Sandler, Jason Roller and Kimo Forrest

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