HeadRush Video Tutorials

Pedalboard Tutorials

The Basics

Creating a Rig

Advanced Rig Building

Pedal Modes

Global Settings

Hardware Assign


Gigboard Tutorials

Introducing the HeadRush Gigboard

Creating a Rig

External Amp Control

Hardware Assign and Scenes

Pro Tools First - Midi Program Changes & Re Amping

Global Settings

FX Loop

Looperboard Tutorials


Timeline Menu

Audio Routing Menu

Loop Settings Menu

Customize the Top 4 Footswitches

Global Settings

Backing Track Player

FX Menu

External Midi Control

Mixer Screen

Basic Looping

Further Technical Support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own a HeadRush product, or if you just have a pre-sales question, the HeadRush technical support team is available to help!

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