Sam Bybee

As a full-time musician Sam knows the value of finding the right gear which is why when comes to his most important pedal, he uses Headrush’s Looperboard. With the 7 inch touch screen, customizable settings, and intuitive software he was able to seamlessly adapt to using the board within the first week of purchase.

Sam Bybee grew up playing music as early 8 years old – entering into talent shows and contests playing the piano. Being a self-taught musician, at just 17 he decided to pick up an acoustic guitar and sing, the rest is history. With over 20 years experience playing music and endorsements from Taylor Guitars and Gigtown, Sam has been lucky enough to make music his full time job. He's written and recorded over 5 albums, toured the country 5 times with stops at Oysterfest, SXSW, NAMM, + more.

Headrush Gear Used:

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