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HeadRush & FU-Tone Presents

In this series we combined forces with the king of tone and performance upgrades, FU-Tone!! They're known for using the best materials available and being the ultimate in high performance guitar parts used by the PROS! In these videos we meet up with various artists who take us on their tonal journey of unboxing the Pedalboards for the first time to some jams, and then tops it off with a fun Q&A. Check it out!

Headrush & FU-Tone Present - Eddie Ojeda of Twisted Sister

Eddie Ojeda is the guitar riff master behind the legendary hits of Twisted Sisters "We're Not Gonna Take It", "I Wanna Rock" and many more. In this video Eddie does his first ever unboxing and partakes in a fun Q&A. Check it out!

Headrush & FU Tone Present - Steve Brown of Trixter

Steve Brown is the shred demon behind the bands of Trixter, Def Leppard, Dennis DeYoung, Danger Danger, Wizards Of Winter, Rubix Kube, Eric Martin and not slowing down anytime soon! Check out this video see Steve unbox the Pedalboard, play some cool riffs and talk about life on the road.

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